About us


Allværskåper.no is owned by Unikt Garn AS, and here you will find beautiful all-weather coats from RainSisters.

We are based at Kleppe in Rogaland, and our main business is actually hand-dyed yarn. Here you will find our dyeing studio and physical sales, where you can inspect and buy hand-dyed yarn, knitting accessories and the all-weather coats from RainSisters.

It is precisely our love of colors and classic, durable garments that led us to open our eyes to these gorgeous coats, of which we have been a dealer since August 2023. In December of the same year, we carried out a trade tour where we visited the head office of RainSisters, where commitment and belief in the products was further strengthened. We want to be visible to all women who want a nice and special coat - even those who don't knit!

We are a small woman-owned business that is passionate about colour, creativity, mastery and self-esteem. Every single order that comes in means a lot and helps fulfill dreams every day!

Yours truly (tv) meets Zane from the RainSisters
(a little starstruck! 🤩)