Waterproofing and design details

Waterproof fabric


All the coats are made of a special membrane material; a woven fabric that is flexible and functional, but also soft and incredibly comfortable.

This fabric has 3 layers of different materials:

  • The outer layer keeps you dry by preventing any kind of precipitation from getting through;
  • The middle layer is the membrane and it keeps the wind out while letting through the natural sweat the body produces during normal movements;
  • The inner layer is made of a super soft material that keeps you warm while allowing the body's moisture to flow through from the inside to the outside.

The membrane fabric is very light and allows freedom of movement without adding extra weight to the coat. These properties make this material ideal for activities such as cycling, running, training and for use in children's clothing. It is also used to make work clothes. The best-known membrane fabric is GORE-TEX®.

The fabric is:

  • Waterproof: (10,000 mm) The coats can withstand 1-2 hours in light rain/snow, or approximately 30 minutes in moderate rain, without letting water through. The covers are not suitable for heavy rain showers!
  • Breathable: (5000 g/m) does not collect body sweat, so it is perfect for casual walks, even on sunny days;
  • Warm and windproof: There are no official guidelines for how to measure this, but personal experience suggests that they work in temperatures from -5°C (preferably with wool and/or several layers underneath) to +20°C (summer evenings wearing a light dress).

To put it simply, the coats will:

  • Protect you from unexpected rain and wind;
  • Stay warm and maintain normal body temperature;
  • Let your skin breathe and feel comfortable

These coats are fantastic because they provide outstanding wet weather protection without compromising on comfort. Whatever the weather, they keep you dry and comfortable, while always looking gorgeous!

Do you want to know more about the membrane material? Read more here !

Designed with women's needs in mind


When it came to the design details of the coats, the RainSisters team made sure to include many different features that they knew would make life easier for the women who chose to wear their coats.

All cover designs have the following finishes:

  • Adjustable lace tighteners .
    These are integrated into the waterproof hoods. They ensure that you can adjust the fit of the hood to your liking, and also keep wind and rain away from your carefully applied make-up!
  • Hidden pockets .
    The pockets are sewn into the sides without being large or noticeable, but are roomy enough to hold a lipstick, phone or other important items.
  • Hidden push buttons .
    The coats are closed with press studs, which are hidden inside the double-stitched button post. This means that even when you have to button up to keep the rain out, you'll still maintain the stylish lines of the elegant cut with no bumps or dents anywhere!
  • Unique fabric prints designed by the RainSisters team.
  • Fully lined in luxurious Italian satin.