The story of the RainSisters

In the beginning...

We've all experienced those days where the sun shines in the morning, but by mid-afternoon the skies open up and the rain pours down. In addition, we ladies know that there is little chance that we have brought an umbrella with us. The result? We get drenched and our beautiful hairstyles and clothes get soaked while we end up feeling absolutely miserable.

What is the solution then? Well, when you live in an area where the weather changes often and is often characterized by rain and precipitation, the best option is by far to have a well-made waterproof all-weather coat to wear every day. The only problem is finding such a coat that is elegant, looks stylish and matches your favorite sexy heels. An all-weather coat that looks smart and looks great even when it's not raining; that dazzles people around you regardless of the weather.

So the girls at RainSisters decided to create all-weather coats exclusively for women, that would look sophisticated, beautiful and feminine, while being waterproof, warm and highly functional. This garment is a must for any woman who loves to look good and at the same time be prepared for all kinds of weather. And thus RainSister's feminine all-weather coats were born!

RainSisters coats are designed for modern women with lines and patterns that highlight every inch of your femininity. Each coat is handcrafted using the most comfortable breathable materials, keeping you warm and dry whatever the weather. You can be sure that you will always look like a lady!

The substances

All the coats are made from a special membrane material, which is a woven fabric that is flexible and functional, but also soft and incredibly comfortable.

To put it simply, the coats will:

  • Protect yourself from sudden rain and wind;
  • Stay warm and maintain normal body temperature;
  • Let your skin breathe and feel comfortable

These coats are amazing because they protect you uncompromisingly against wet weather of all kinds, while keeping you dry and comfortable and ALWAYS looking gorgeous!

Do you want to know more about the membrane material? Read more here !

The patterns

Stavanger has an average of 1,513 hours of sunshine a year, and Bergen has 1,185. Kristiansand reigns supreme with its 1,780 hours of sunshine (statistics taken from When the weather is not characterized by sunshine, it is dull, gray and often damp. You would think that in a country with so many rainy days, we would want to brighten up life with lively and colorful clothes. In fact, the opposite is the case. Black and gray are the most popular colors, although a number of scientific studies have shown that colors have different energies that can calm or revitalize you. We also believe that bold colors and patterns are a great way to express how unique and individual you are. We're rooting for standing out from the gray crowd!

All RainSisters coats are crafted from fabrics bursting with color and boldly stylized floral motifs to brighten any day and make you feel special, confident and exceptionally feminine. You can be sure that you won't disappear in the crowd with a coat from RainSisters!

All patterns used in coats from the Fall 2018 collection onwards are designed exclusively by RainSister's designer and founder Zanda Purviske. Her creations are completely unique and will not be found in any other all-weather coat, anywhere else in the world. Isn't that unique?

About the girls behind RainSisters

RainSisters is a small, independently owned clothing brand and company based in Riga, Latvia. They were founded in 2018 and are run by 3 sisters: Zanda, Zaiga and Zane. They combine their experience in architectural design, textile technology and finance with their passion for fashion.